Sales Professionals

FlavorWiki's agile software will help sales teams save time by integrating data reports into existing platforms and CRMs. Win more deals while taking advantage of our fully customizable sales tools

Top brands use FlavorWiki to stay competitive.

Sales tools

Empower sales teams to gain actionable data through direct, real-time interaction with customers.

Sales tools
Market understanding

Market understanding

Capture feedback on samples to understand customer preference while taking full advantage of our sales tools at trade shows, during in person meetings or online tastings.

Integrate with existing systems

Make the most out of your existing data by integrating it into our platform to run deeper, more significant analysis.

Integrate with existing systems

The fastest, most affordable way to win more customers

Traditional Methods

Fragmented feedback on samples creates long timelines

Regional teams operate on different standards

Fragmented and scattered data is difficult to analyze

FlavorWiki Advantages

Instant, structured results of your customers' reaction in real time

Web-based application available in more than 20 languages

Make the most out of your data by integrating to existing systems

Boost sales and optimize your startegy with real-time reports in the most versatile, global insights plarform

What Our Clients Say

Marlene Boiesen

Commercial Development Manager for cheese ripening at Chr. Hansen

“At Chr. Hansen we work closely with our customers to perfect their cheese recipes. To inspire, build and evaluate projects we have developed the Chr. Hansen’s Taste-IT™ Tool in cooperation with FlavorWiki®. Globally, we use the Taste-IT™ Tool to interactively assist our professional tasting sessions. The tool is designed to deepen our collaboration for tasting and texture evaluation of our customer’s cheeses, and to understand the impact of our products on production outcomes. The Chr. Hansen Taste-IT™ tool is very intuitive and non-professional tasters can easily map their individual flavor perception.”

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