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Get the advantage of agile, real-time analytics to speed up innovation and develop winning, competitive products.

Top brands use FlavorWiki to stay competitive.

Drive innovation

Test prototypes and concepts before new products reach the market and find target market opportunities within your product category

Drive innovation
Benchmark your product

Benchmark your product

Keep track of competitors and market variations through actionable insights from real consumers who test real products.

Customer profiling

Target your ideal customer by studying shopping behavior, emotional mapping, and consumer feedback and get results in less than half the time of traditional tests.

Customer profiling

Power up innovation and develop high quality, competitive products

Traditional Methods

Expensive projects that restrict the reach of most studies

Inflexible and limited recruitment methods

Market research approach that doesn't meet today's needs.

FlavorWiki Advantages

Optimize budgets by analyzing multiple drivers at the same time

Accesible community that can be reached at any time

Digital approach that is flexible to keep up with changing times

Make the most out of your consumer research budget with the most flexible and complete insights platform

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