Boost your growth

Online targeting and personalization can increase the ROI of marketing spend by 20% or more.


Top companies use FlavorWiki to accelerate growth

Customer Feedback

Understand your customers' experience in depth and get feedback in on their journey in real-time.

Customer Feedback
Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Use FlavorWiki insights to increase your understanding of customers and develop winning products.

Personalize your offer

Capture your ideal customer's demographic, behavioral, and psychographic qualities to enrich marketing databases.

Personalize your offer

The most effective way to engage, support and delight customers.

Traditional Methods

Simple 5 stars review platforms that miss key insights

Data management platforms don’t comply with research needs

Multiple sources of scattered information

FlavorWiki Advantages

A.I powered analysis provides more nuanced insights

Delivers more specialized results than a standard CRM

Full integration capabilities with existing systems

Simple, fast, and effective reports to help your company make better and more timely decisions

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