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Leverage technology to develop new strategies for growth amid changing consumer preferences and market dynamics.


Top brands use FlavorWiki to take the lead in their key categories

Stay competitive

Understand how consumers interact with your products on shelves or online and build statistical models of the full purchase driver spectrum.

Stay competitive
Understand your market

Understand your market

Test, and gain insights on concepts, messaging, or packaging ideas. Measure how your product compares to key competitors.

Innovate faster

Get consumer response in real-time and interact via data-driven conversations with consumers or customers.

Innovate faster

Be prepared to innovate

Anticipate consumer behavior and market trends to get ahead in the game. Discover real consumer needs from real people.

Traditional Methods

Standard agency research is expensive and slow

Fixed locations and static panels limit tester diversity

Insights don't always capture the full consumer experience

FlavorWiki Advantages

Digital platform delivers results in real-time for a fraction of the cost

Engaged worldwide community in any geography or segment

Full shopping experience, from first impression to repurchase

Simple, fast, and effective reports to help your company make better and more timely decisions

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