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Understand your customers’ needs like never before. Optimize your strategy to drive growth and innovation.

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Top suppliers close more deals using FlavorWiki

Sell more

Bring focus to in-person or virtual meetings using FlavorWiki tools designed specifically for sales teams.

Sell more
Aggregate customer profiles

Aggregate customer profiles

Connect FlavorWiki insights tools to samples to get actionable feedback on your products before they reach the market.

Know your market

Use consumer intelligence to showcase your understanding of key categories within your market.

Know your market
Online ingredients sales

Online ingredients sales

Capture feedback directly on samples. Know when your customer is tasting your products.

Optimize your business strategy to outsell competitors

Traditional Methods

Standard feedback platforms lack key features for ingredient sellers

Paper, spreadsheets or verbal notes get lost over time

Processing data manually means less time spent selling

FlavorWiki Advantages

Customizable tool designed to be flexible and agile

Fully integrated platform provides total data visibility

Real-time results allows to take action quickly

Simple, fast, and effective reports to help your company make better and more timely decisions

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