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Learn the details behind FlavorWiki’s Test Design Methodologies: execution tools, types of questions, machine models, statistical analysis outputs and more.

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Qualitative Solutions

In strictly quantitative studies of consumer feelings and behaviors, contact is rare between those conducting the research and analysis and those providing the data points in the forms of survey responses. The intent is to let the numbers do the talking. In contrast, the effectiveness of qualitative studies often hinges on the ability of a single moderator to develop a connection with the study participants.

Category Appraisal

Competitive advantages are hard to come by in the food retail space where one must contend with the complicated nature of personal taste and companies with decades of experience in the market. That’s why it’s so important to understand what drives consumers to make a purchase. It’s only with thorough insights about consumers that one develops winning strategies, and these insights take a lot of good data, and imaginative use of that data.

Quality Check

Reliable information on how consumers feel about a product is difficult to come by in the food industry, and yet it is crucial to the management and health of a brand. Surveys are a straightforward and popular method to develop consumer insights, but getting enough people to respond, and to do so quickly enough for the information to still matter is a tall order.

Competitive Benchmarking

In the food retail industry, there is no shortage of competition. Walk down any aisle in the grocery store and you will find several versions of even the most specific ingredients and products available. To break into this crowded space, you have to make your product stand out to consumers as something special and unique.

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